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Fitness and Cardio Cinema

Cardio Cinema

Gym Cardio Cinema
One of unique features at Gold’s Gym Amiryan in Armenia is our Cardio Cinema. Here, members can get their cardio workout accomplished while being entertained on our over-sized movie screen.

Including treadmills, bikes, and AMT’s. There’s no doubt you won’t be bored watching one of our daily movies while burning those extra calories.


Why to do Fitness?

Attending a health gym is perfect for everyone’s health. Nowadays there is a wide range of health gyms worldwide and most of them are equipped with modern conveniences.Gold’s Gym is the largest chain of gyms worldwide and the facilities include modern resistance machines, CV equipment, fitness studio, saunas etc.

Fitness is the best medicine from stress and bad mood, which is divided by general and physical:

General fitness is accepted to designate aspiring to optimum quality of life, to plugging in itself spiritual, physical and other components.

Physical fitness – it all above-stated, however, including achievement of more high levels of preparedness on indexes testing, I.e. ability of heart, vessels, lights, muscles to function with maximal efficiency.

Physical fitness has 5 components: More
  • Muscles force is maximal efforts, producible a muscle or group of muscles at reduction.
  • Muscle endurance is ability of muscles to resist a fatigue at the long loading.
  • Cardio respiratory endurance is ability of heart, vessels and lights to deliver oxygen and nutritive in workings muscles and fabrics during long motive activity, and also to destroy from them the products of exchange and matter, which can result in a fatigue.
  • Flexibility is ability to execute motions in joints with maximal amplitude of motion. In default of there are traumas of locomotorium.
  • Composition of body is correlation of mass of body (muscles, bones, nervous fabrics, internals) and fat.
The different types of trainings are developed by different parameters. Aerobics, for example, will promote vascular endurance cordially, and yoga will be increased by flexibility of joints.

Understanding that fitness is not simply raising of dumb-bells, but far more many-sided phenomenon, you will be able to diversify trainings and obtain maximal results from the employments.

Our aim is to make sport a life style, a necessity like sleeping, eating, as they say: “A sound mind in a sound body”.

Personal Trainings

Personal Training pic

Nowadays personal training is one of the fastest growing spheres in the health & fitness industry. So, if you want to lose weight and build muscles, hiring a personal trainer is the first step in the right direction. A good trainer can help you to set up a program which meets your goals and show you the best way to start exercises.

Our global staff of personal trainers and group exercise instructors is the best in the business – period.

Our Personal Training Program includes:
  • Weight Loss Training
  • Strength Training
  • Muscle Size Training
  • Flexibility and Balance
  • Overall Health and Fitness/Maintenance

Every year millions make the commitment to get in shape and lose weight. Some have the motivation to begin on their own while others lack the knowledge or the motivation. You made a promise to yourself that you will lose 10, 20, or 30 pounds before the event. But instead of using the event as your goal to get in better shape, perhaps you should try to change your thought process and get in shape for a long-term event – the event of life itself. More

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, be more flexible, or train for a specific sport, a Personal Trainer can help. Armed with the latest information on fitness, Personal Trainers provide more than just assistance with unfamiliar gym equipment. It is now almost commonplace for Personal Trainers to also offer nutrition counseling, sport-specific coaching and agility training as part of their repertoire.

Gone are the days when Personal Trainers were only for athletes, celebrities and the very wealthy. Now, almost everyone can afford to hire a Personal Trainer, and there are many reasons why you should consider hiring one:


You made the decision to get healthy but you feel overwhelmed when you enter the gym. There are too many cardio machines and apparatuses that you have never seen before and have no idea how to use. Should you start with cardio or weights? Should you try the treadmill or the stationary bike? A Personal Trainer can guide you through this process and introduce you to the equipment. He or she will take into account your fitness level and your goals, then design a program to help you achieve them.


Many people inadvertently injure themselves at the gym because they are unfamiliar with how their body will respond to lifting weights or starting a cardio program. A Personal Trainer can assist by showing you the proper form for your age and ability, while providing constructive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know how to use the equipment properly and safely, your workouts will be more productive and effective.

Weight loss

When diet alone is no longer working for you, exercise can help put your metabolism into high gear. Whether your diet needs a complete overhaul or you just need a few minor tweaks to streamline your middle, a Personal Trainer can design a custom program that consists of cardio, strength training, flexibility and nutrition. A Personal Trainer can also help you break through diet plateaus.


A previous surgery, injury or accident can cause muscle loss, joint stiffness or general weakness and imbalance in your body. A Personal Trainer can design a program to help you recover and regain your strength while paying specific attention to your mobility as a whole.

Sports-specific Training

Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, a Personal Fitness Trainer can help you get into the best shape for your sport or hobby. Running, skiing, swimming or biking – whatever you choose to play or do, you need to build specific muscles to prevent injury, and to excel to the next level. A Personal Trainer can facilitate by providing individualized attention and a consistent training schedule.


For many, the most important reason for hiring a Personal Trainer is the motivation factor. Personal Trainers can motivate you like no one else can. For one, a Personal Trainer can encourage you and provide positive feedback. Even on those bad days when you would rather be somewhere else, a Personal Trainer will provide the push you need to keep going. Two, the sheer act of paying someone for a service will probably be all the motivation you need to consistently show up. People are more apt to keep their appointments when they have paid for them in advance.