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Benefits of swimming
swimming benefits

Why swimming has positive effect on well-being?

1. Swimming is a low-impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits. 2. After swimming you feel strong and rested. Doctors Say Swimming Is the Best Exercise. 3. People involved in swimming at an early age, maintain harmony and slim figure throughout the life. Swimming gives you a great strengthening workout and it is a great cardiovascular exercise which can improve and increase our overall fitness, strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, enhance physique, help with weight loss and aid in physical rehabilitation. Swimming helps your arthritic joints and has beneficial effect on breathing system. As a result, increases immune system, blood circulation is also improved. 4. It has a positive effect on nervous people and provides beautiful posture, increases efficiency, reduces stress and promotes good sleep.

Benefits of swimming

- Swimming help to burn fat and calories. If you spend 30-40 minutes during a day in the pool you can achieve weight loss in a very short time. Swimming burning the same amount calories as climbing and aerobics. - With the help of swimming you can easily get sports muscular figure. - Swimming is a way to relieve stress and give a boost of energy for person. - Almost everyone can participate swimming lessons. If child from birth will swim, in the future he will be healthy and physically strong. - Swimming reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Regular visits to the pool will make your immunity system stronger. - Water exercises also help to normalize the pressure and improve blood circulation. - Swimming is especially beneficial for you as you get older because it train your whole body without putting stress on your joints and muscles. - Swimming has a positive effect on the lungs and improves respiratory system. Swimming is a low-impact sport that incorporates a wide range of muscle groups and most muscles in the body are worked in different ways. Because of this, risk of injury is very low and the benefits are numerous. When stroke techniques are executed properly, the muscles lengthen and flexibility is increasing. That is why most of competitive swimmers have broader shoulders and extremely toned physiques. Gold's Gym swimming pool has a unique water cleaning system with ultraviolet disinfection of water which is the only one in Armenia. It provides irreproachable condition and allows the water to be always crystal clean and have pleasant odor. Swimming pool is open every day from 7.00 till 23.00 on weekdays and from 10.00 till 22.00 on weekends. The deepest part of the pool is 4.30 m, while the length is 50 m. The water is heated up to 28°C temperature. To get more information about the swimming pool and water activities you can contact us at 010 322010 or send us an email at [email protected]