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Demo Show Spring 2011
During its three-year-activity Gold’s Gym Armenia has already managed to create a number of beautiful traditions, one of which is Demo Show program. This year Demo Show was dedicated to spring holidays, and maybe it was one of those reasons, that it was accepted with great enthusiasm, and all those present took a great pleasure of it.

The instructors of Gold’s Gym had prepared performances from our members’ favourite types of sport, such as Toning, Step, Tae Bo, Taekwondo, Body building, Fit Ball, Hip Hop, Break-dance and Zumba, by the way it was a new one and was accepted with great enthusiasm. The program was impressive, full of rhythmical music, interesting solutions and unexpected surprises. Due to these unexpectful performances the club’s members revealed their trainers in a new way. At the end of the show the great applauses and delightful words of all those present approved that the Show took place.

The administration of Gold’s Gym had prepared one more surprise too. After the Show the club’s members and the guests were invited to the club’s restaurant to enjoy the hospitality and watch the film presenting the history of Gold’s Gym. After the film followed discussions among the guests, the members and the club’s staff. In one word a friendly and nice atmosphere was created, which approved one more time that Gold’s Gym, besides being the best fitness health club, is also wonderful place for making acquaintances and leaving daily problems.