Group Trainings

Gold’s Gym Yerevan offers a wide range of group trainings to suit all ages, abilities and fitness levels. You don’t need special skills or training to be involved with our wide variety of group exercise classes.

Take a Gold’s Gym group fitness class and learn from qualified instructors in a fun, fast paced environment. Whether you’re looking to kick your fitness into high gear with Taekwondo or achieve inner and outer peace with Yoga, we offer classes that appeal to all interests and fitness levels and you can select a group trainings based on your preferences, needs and objectives. The variety of classes improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and body composition.

Group trainings


will help you achieve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being while strengthening your body. We offer breathing yoga, hatcha yoga, partner yoga, vinyasa yoga and yoga balance.


infuses Latin rhythms with cardiovascular exercise to create an aerobic routine that is fun and easy to follow.

Body flex

breathing exercises will result in weight loss and you will have an attractive appearance, flexible body, healthy breathing and spine.


improves core strength, flexibility, agility and coordination without gaining mass of muscles.
Stretching lengthens your muscles from the inside out. The result is a feeling of increased muscle control, flexibility and range of motion.


is directed to self – defense, as well as controls weight and flexibility. It improves health.

Aqua aerobics

is designed to work your body using water resistance. You can burn calories away while having fun in the water. Prenatal aqua is a special Aqua Aerobics program for pregnant women. You can also enjoy swimming exercises in an olympic swimming pool which positively affects not only on the whole body shape, but also on health. The pool has a unique cleaning system which allows the water to be always crystal clean and have pleasant odor.

Abs, back&strech

is designed to work the core by strengthening and toning the abdominal and back. This is where you can work on your flexibility whilst feeling relaxed and calm.

View our training schedule to find a class to suit you.