Our GGX Mission is to “Make People Feel Special, Have Fun, and Get Fit Together!”

Group X stands for Group Exercise. At Gold’s Gym, Group X consists of members coming together in classes led by experienced, certified instructors, putting exercise and music together in a structured, comfortable environment where participants are coached toward a common goal.

The Benefit of Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX)

Group Exercise, or GGX, as we call it in the Gold’s Gym system, encompasses a wide variety of fitness programming to meet your needs. The rooms are clean, climate controlled and designed to accommodate the needs of large groups of people.

Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX) offers a variety of classes that improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and body composition. You don’t need special skills or training to be involved with our wide variety of group exercise classes.

Each program is carefully designed to deliver a simple, fun and effective social experience independent of barriers like gender, age or fitness level.

Rules of Attendance for Group Exercises

1. Starting class 10 minutes late could be harmful for your health. The instructor has the right not to allow the member to take part in the class if late 10 minutes.
2. It is not allowed to use cell phones in the studio. Working out with non-sport shoes is not allowed.
3. Please use proper personal hygiene.
4. After the end of each class please replace the equipment in their proper place.
5. Gold’s Gym has the right to change instructors and make changes in the schedule.

Group Exersices
Thomas Twining: One of the most frequented and popular teahouses in Yerevan. For more than 10 years it welcomes tea lovers offering more than 200 sorts of tea. With its nice and warm atmosphere it’s an ideal place to gather with friends, talk, taste delicious dishes and have a great time.

Thomas Tea has already proved that it can be called a synonym of taste, cordiality, quality.

Students, tourists, businessmen … who doesn’t like to visit THOMAS TWINING?
Thomas Twinning Gold's Gym
Near Gold's Gym we have a big place for parking, where you can safely park your car.The place provided for 60 and more cars.
There is a little shop in Gold’s Gym, where you can find everything you need while attending Gold’s Gym. Here you can find different kind of sport clothes and swimming accessories, including swimwear, swimming glasses etc.

1. Food supplements
2. Hygiene products
3. Towels for sale and for rent
4. Slippers
5. Big assortment of swimming goggles
6. Big assortment of swimming items
7. Diving equipments
8. Swimsuits for men, women and children
9. Sporting clothes
10. Sports bags
11. Watches
Doctor’s room
Gold's Gym Armenia provides Doctor services to our club members, which includes professional consultation about body composition, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity. Gold's Gym created special program called FIT TEST that involved doctors and trainers together to help customers to reach their potential through fitness. If necessary, doctor gives first aid treatment

Doctor is overseeing sanitary-hygienic conditions in the club as well as swimming pool. In Komitas branch doctor manages special program for pregnant women like prenatal yoga and aqua aerobic classes.

Working hours:
Monday - Friday 09:00-21:00
Saturday, Sunday 10:00-19:00
Gold's Gym Doctor Room
Children’s room
Child Care is for Gold's Gym-'s youngest and favorite visitors. You can leave your child with the care nannies and be sure that he will spend joyful and interesting time while you work out. Be sure that a child is in the safe hands.

Working Hours


Gold's Gym Children Room
Since ancient times people have used saunas to relax and to fight against stress. The truth is that the sauna is not only a strong rival against stress and fatigue, but it also gives a number of health benefits.

Saunas reduce your stress hormones and raise the level of endorphins(compounds that affect your emotional condition, make you feel better and ease the pain). After a sauna you always feel fresh, relaxed and renewed.

The high temperature in the sauna (usually more than 150 degrees F) opens the pores of your skin and makes you sweat, so the toxins, as well as the heavy metals (as zinc, nickel, mercury and so on) are removed from your body with the sweat.

The sauna heats your body and raises its temperature, so your organism thinks it has fever and makes the immune system stronger, to fight the simulated fever and it really helps to overcome fever and cold. The sauna also improves the cardiovascular system and regulates the blood pressure and breathing.

Some people think a sauna helps people lose weight. That’s because you lose a lot of water when sweating. But the fact is that a sauna really helps to get rid of extra weight, because it improves your metabolism.
Gold's Gym Sauna