ggx_DSC_5634Group X stands for Group Exercise. At Gold’s Gym, Group X consists of members coming together in classes led by experienced, certified instructors, putting exercise and music together in a structured, comfortable environment where participants are coached toward a common goal.
The Benefit of Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX)

Group Exercise, or GGX, as we call it in the Gold’s Gym system, encompasses a wide variety of fitness programming to meet your needs. Some of the classes we offer include step aerobics, body sculpting and yoga, pilates, spinning. The rooms are clean, climate controlled and designed to accommodate the needs of large groups of people.

Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX) offers a variety of classes that improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and body composition. You don’t need special skills or training to be involved with our wide variety of group exercise classes, and the schedules will fit right out for you with up to 50 classes per week you will experience the real calories burning through our Aerobic room, Spinning room, Martial Art room and a very relaxing, calming and focus inside the Body & mind room.
With a high energy music, also our top experience Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX) instructors leadership, and lot of fun, the classes provide an excellent way to burn calories and provide the cardiovascular conditioning and stretching that helps lead to toning & firming. Each program is carefully designed to deliver a simple, fun and effective social experience independent of barriers like gender, age or fitness level.

where it’s fun to be a kid!

At GOLD’S GYM Armenia, we know the busy demands of being a parent and trying to schedule a fitness routine can be a serious juggling act with a family. Let us help out! Kid’s Class is a special place for your special people. This unique environment is equipped to care for all ages and staffed with interactive child care providers that are dedicated to making your little one’s experience secure, fun and inviting. It’s a bright, clean and spacious area that says excitement!

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