Since ancient times people have used saunas to relax and to fight against stress. The truth is that the sauna is not only a strong rival against stress and fatigue, but it also gives a number of health benefits.

Saunas reduce your stress hormones and raise the level of endorphins (compounds that affect your emotional condition, make you feel better and ease the pain). After a sauna you always feel fresh, relaxed and renewed. When you feel your body is cleansed and relieved, your mood also rises. So the sauna is a good natural treatment for stress and insomnia.

The high temperature in the sauna (usually more than 150 degrees F) opens the pores of your skin and makes you sweat, so the toxins, as well as the heavy metals (as zinc, nickel, mercury and so on) are removed from your body with the sweat.

The sauna heats your body and raises its temperature, so your organism thinks it has fever and makes the immune system stronger, to fight the simulated fever. The most interesting thing here is the fact that this really helps to overcome fever and cold. The sauna also improves the cardiovascular system and regulates the blood pressure and breathing, so it is good for people who suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis.

It is known that the sauna is also very good for the locomotor system and for arthritis.

Some people think a sauna helps people lose weight. Well, immediately after the sauna you will feel lighter by a few pounds. That’s because you lose a lot of water when sweating. But the fact is that a sauna really helps to get rid of extra weight, because it improves your metabolism. The food you eat is digested easier, and you begin to lose weight as a result.